WordPress Maintenance for Individuals & Small Businesses

£25 per Month


Maintenance is a crucial part of any website, and is overlooked by many individuals and business owners You want to concentrate on your business – it’s what you do best.
Let us keep your site secure, protected, backed up, and updated, so you have one less thing to worry about!

According to Sophos Security Threat Report, approximately 30,000 new websites are hacked every day.
Don’t let your site be one of those.

A broken site can lead to a loss of customers, who with gain your competitors business – not what you want!
Your site could also redirect to some quite disgusting content, which will create a lifelong impression on your customers.

our maintenance plan includes:

Has a new plugin broken your site? Or have you accidentally deleted a full page you can’t recover? We’ve all been there! It’s essential for all personal and business websites to have a backup on hand. 

We backup your site daily using secure Amazon S3 infrastructure, so you don’t need to worry!

Plugins are an amazing way to add functionality to your WordPress website.
On average, a website can have between 20 and 30 plugins installed, sometimes even more!

Every WordPress site needs a theme. Whether you use a WordPress made theme, or another popular theme, new updates are usually added every month.
These updates patch security flaws, and add functionality to make your site the best it can be.

If these plugins and themes aren’t kept up-to-date, they can act as a backdoor for hackers and malware scripts to be injected into your site, which can cause a whole range of problems.

We keep all WordPress Core Files, Plugins, and Themes up-to-date to keep your site in tip-top shape!

As we know, approximately 30,000 new websites are infected with viruses and malware every day.

We install industry leading anti-malware software and a firewall on all our clients’ sites.
A firewall monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic to block any attempts to hack into a site.

We also run Security Scans every day, so if something happens to your website, we’ll be the first to know.
On the rare occasion that your site becomes infected, we will restore it to an earlier daily backup we’ve taken. If this isn’t an option, we’ll remove the infection from your site, free of charge!

Your website should be online at least 99.9% of the time, if not 100%! 
A website with downtime means that you’re bringing in less customers, and less money is made!

We can constantly monitor to website’s uptime, to make sure that your hosting provider are delivering on all of their promises.

Not happy? Then it’s probably time to switch. We can help set your website up with a fast, affordable hosting provider, trusted by us.

Around 50% of users expect a maximum loading time of 2 seconds for a website. 
Any longer, and they’ll find another website to browse.

Our daily performance check help you see your site’s loading time.

In the case that it’s too slow for your liking, we can send you a full report showing which areas of your site need optimising.
Too technical for you? Let us know and we’ll sort everything out for you, for a small fee.

88% of Online Consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.
Don’t let dead links drive your potential customers away.

Our link monitor can pinpoint any broken links on your site, tell you what page it’s on and where it currently links to.

From there, you can find out what these links are meant to be and replace them yourself, or send us the correct link, and we’ll update the page for you.

Our Site Reports

We think that communication is key in a healthy business relationship, and you want to know how your site is getting on.

In all of our maintenance plans, we offer the choice of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly site reports.
These reports contain all the information that we’ve gathered about your sites, and any actions we’ve undertaken on your site. (e.g. Backups, Updates, Security Checks)

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