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Let us worry about your website

So you don't need to!

Free Malware Scan

Worried your site might be infected? Don't worry!

With industry leading site scanning capabilities, we can let you know if your site is injected before it becomes an issue.

Free Malware Scan

Did I mention... it's free!
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Malware Removal

Don't worry if you find out your site is infected. Whether it's malware, injected spam, or a defacement issue, we can fix it for you!

We know how important your site is to your business, so we'll have it back up in no time to minimize any potential loss.

Malware Removal

Only £20!
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WordPress Maintenance for Individuals & Small Businesses

You want to focus on your business, not managing your website.

Let us worry about all the technical twaddle like Updates, Uptime and WordPress Security, so you can concentrate on what you know best!

WordPress Maintenance for Individuals & Small Businesses

Just £25 per Month!
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WordPress Maintenance for Agencies

Same great service, with amazing agency pricing.

Our maintenance plan will help you continue to build more websites, without being distracted by Updates and WordPress Security.

Our Client Reports are a great way to keep customers updated, and make them feel looked after.

WordPress Maintenance for Agencies

Ranging from £15 - £25 per site, per month, depending on the number of sites enrolled.
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I'm Luke Holmes.

With years of experience and expertise in WordPress Security, Maintenance and Malware Removal, I have helped many small businesses and companies. In the constantly changing field of web development, it is my mission to help individuals and small businesses manage their websites to make sure security vulnerabilities aren’t a reason for lost customers and revenue.

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Grow your knowledge and stay ahead of your competitors

We can't fix it, you don't pay!

If we aren't able to remove the malware from your website, then you are eligible for a full refund!

30 day guarantee

If your site becomes re-infected 30 days after we've cleaned it, we'll fix it - free of charge! This is very unlikely, but we've got your back!

got any questions?

Our Customer Support is second-to-none, and we will answer your questions quickly and efficiently!

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